Water is an Eternal Witness. Colour Indigo
Lost Summer Skies
The Past, the Present, the Future. It is like Indigo, Lilac and Magenta.
Colours reminded me that life can get so interesting that we forget to be afraid
To Sense the Light, You Must Close Your Eyes
… and Other Shades of Light
Colour as an idea. Thoughts from the colour.
To hide yourself. Is there any light left? Lemon yellow? Golden Ochre? Magenta? Where are you now?
Imaginary Creatures at the Twilight 2
Pink Cloud
Shimmering star Magenta. Was it a dream or was it real?
Let me dream once more
I see a glow from the seabed. It has no end, no beginning. And the color changes in every moment.
Human as a plant
Pinks and Greens. A bit of Violet – Peace
Secret Whistle in the Forest
Mapping the jungle
Kristi Kongi in Dialogue with Kasper Bosmans. Alchemists, Artists, Cleaners and Other.
Houses with soul
Aberration. Exercises with light and shadow.
Have you seen yourself
Time Machine
Vision through tears. A visual essay on contemplation of windows
I haven’t moved my head from the pillow
Then.Now.Between All Those Times
I am there and I feel that fragrance. Thoughts from the room
Bright Light
There is SIlence Between The Trees
Androgynic Mind Machines
Wish I were a bird
I haven’t moved my head from the pillow. Speed of Darkness.
Turbulence as a method